College is an adventure that helps prepare you for your life journey.  Just like life, everyone has a unique college experience.  Along the way, you will develop your intellect, skills, and courage for the challenges that lie ahead.  The Fearless College Experience (F.C.E.) is written by both students who are currently in college, as well as graduates who can offer wisdom based on their past decisions.  Our writers want to help you succeed by providing tools, tips, and advice on how to make smarter choices, so that you can get the most out of your college experience.



Founder: George J. Hill


George J. Hill is an Academic Advisor and instructor of Freshman Seminar in the Opening Doors Learning Communities at Kingsborough Community College. Focused on Learning Communities and ways they can be best used to help students succeed, George sits on the planning committee for the Atlantic Center for Learning Communities annual conference. As the coordinator of a Peer Mentoring program within the Opening Doors Learning Communities, George works to empower student leaders to help first semester students make the transition to college. He has presented on his work in Learning Communities and Peer Mentoring at conferences in Connecticut, Illinois, New York, Georgia, and New Jersey. His chapter, “Learning About Community in a First Semester Learning Community: How Community Based Projects Strengthen Student Engagement” is available in the book Civic Engagement Pedagogy in the Community College: Theory and PracticeHe is also the Higher Education administrator for Teachers, an educationally focused Facebook community page.


Editor-in-Chief: Tara Theresa Hill


Tara Theresa Hill went to college to become an English teacher.  While classroom teaching wasn’t a good match for her, she cares deeply about everyone having the opportunity to earn a great education.  Tara was the first one in her family to go to college, so she understands the challenges facing first-generation college students.  She has a B.A. in English with a Minor in Writing.  In addition to working as a freelance editor and writer, Tara writes a blog about real ghost stories and hauntings called The Ghost Post.  For more information on Tara’s writing, you can follow Tara Theresa Hill on Facebook and Twitter @TaraTheresaHill.